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released 11 November 2013

- - - - - -

Produced, Arranged and Mixed by JP Reid
Engineered by Chris McMillan in Ayr, Scotland, December 2012 - July 2013
Mastered by Howie Weinberg and Dan Gerbarg at Howie Weinberg Mastering, Los Angeles
Additional engineering and editing by JP Reid

- - - - - -

Written by JP Reid except 'Made Up Of All The People' by JP Reid / Michael Logg

- - - - - -

With thanks to Fergus Munro, Brendan Reilly, Hooligan Sadikson and Adam Parker for additional rhythmic composition

- - - - - -

Artwork by Stewart Chown

- - - - - -


(C) & (P) 2013 Medals For Everyone



all rights reserved


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Medals For Everyone Glasgow, UK

An independent record label, established in 2012 by members of Sucioperro.

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Track Name: Down In The Well
I guess I've been losing you
For so long, I just ceased to notice
The little things that you used to do
Like extra XXX at the end of a message

You said,
"You're my only one,
But, I like the thrill of sin and adventure"
I wouldn't wanna deny you this
I wouldn't want you to miss out on treasure

You know what no one knows
I only try to be a better man

You've been going through hell so long
Giving up on dreams you once run to
I sing my heart out
Because it's really all that I can do

It may not matter to boys who run
Who put their head in the sand
When trouble comes
But there's no trouble I haven't faced
I've held hands with the devils
Who set the pace

I was a bitch when I shouldn't be
But all of your knives were raining down on me
When several daggers are in your back
It's hard to resist the urge, obvious attack
Track Name: The Wicked
They tell me there's a world out there
That I don't see at all
I will not witness miracles
Behind these empty walls
The truth connects us to the ones
We all pretend to be
And I can promise you, my friend
You don't belong to me

Hey now, we're not losing ground
We're just caught up in a delicate mess
Hey now, I'm going straight down
Down with the wicked

The guilty throwing negatives
Says you have lost your spark
I loved not who they said you were
But for your angry heart
All those knives stuck in your back
You don't have time to free
Too busy making alibis
That only fools believe

Please don't think I'm cynical
Or that I'm trapped here
In some fake innocence
Should I give in?
Or do I let nothing in?
Is it better to be silent than confess?

Yeah, you're not losing ground
I'm going straight down
Down with the wicked
Track Name: Disguises
Who put the flame in the poor man's pocket?
A box of lead on the weakest shoulders
A bitter pill from the mouth of a stranger
Crawling around on his hands and knees

I don't like hearing how the world rejects you
Sad seeing only worry on your face
How every day is more weight on the anchor
And every night spent waiting on a change

When you believe you take
More than you have to take
Don't panic now

Who painted red all those endless weekends?
Captured in dreams, never black and white
Frozen in time like a golden second
I know those eyes speak loud of comfort
Heaven reflects in a strobing light
We can't disguise it if we don't mean it

Who will not yield, who'll be building bridges?
Perfect companion, in the best of times
When the wind in your face gives you hope and courage
And nobody else could take your place or mine
Track Name: Stand Back, It's A Miracle
I lost my hope
I have to confess
Fear towered over me
I chased my tail
And I couldn't care less
I didn't know in what to believe

Stand back, it's a miracle
Or a beautiful trick at least
Thank God, for your tenderness
I am falling at your feet
When I think I'm over it
I'm reminded of what I need most
I'm not courting decadence
I just love dancing with our ghosts

You only wanted to play pretend
Not risk it all at once
But all good things
They must come to an end
Just close your eyes and try again

If you don't remember
But you can't forget
How good it feels
Let's just make a promise
Hold onto each other
Track Name: Valleys
Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah

After my third heartbreak
I conceded to atrophy, oh oh atrophy
Knowing the best healing is a human touch
Touch, touch, touch, touch
Where was that carnival queen,
When I blamed the river for everything?

I was just looking out the window
Then it was not there
Just a fear and a healthy respect for illusion
Cover it up, cover it up
Blame drops exploding in your head
Who said we didn't make it?

I'm glad I let you close
Now you sing and you dance
With all the other ghosts, ghosts
On a somewhat victory parade
We celebrate our failures
Throw panic in the air

Do valleys blame the rivers for everything?
Track Name: I Used To Be A Dancer
I'm ready for my close up
Go on, a happy smile
You can't make up magic
But you can make it all worthwhile

I used to be a dancer
But now I'm just a slob
This house, once filled with laughter
Is now my prison walls

Let's agree there is hope
In adverse circumstance
If you can't lift the curse
May as well take a chance
You and me
Latin Kings, Summer 2006
Now I can't, for the life of me
Do my old tricks

Oh well, oh well
I used to be a dancer
Oh well, oh well
I used to be someone
Oh well, oh well
I used to be a dancer
Now I'm way too cool for love

Do not confuse my tango
With trying to be hip
I'm not looking for music
I'm almost over it
It's just a simple rhythm
Track Name: Made Up Of All The People
It was just a straight hit
A terrible mistake
To see you crying, dear
You might as well have told me
There's no such thing as fear

Don't tell me that it's ok
When it will never be the same
I promise you better
I'll never put you through
Those dead days again

Why act so surprised?
This is what I'm like
I can tell you things about yourself
That you never will

This could be right
A little glimpse of insight
And not conceding, not asking why
I'm made up of all the people

We miss you around
Another boat aground
I can tell you things about yourself
That you never will
Track Name: Tastes Like Glass
A street full of cars, moving slowly
Like your head on a good day
Those warm machines, all in a row
With your heart a silent passenger

And they say,
"That it's only good for you,
It's only fools fire a warning shot,
Now open up and in."
And we say,
"We wish only good for you,
If only to know how much you're loved,
But, love tastes like glass to you."

Something in the water
A 1000 mysteries below
Time keeps no secrets
Don't you know?

That's the way that you're made
As if by accident
Know, it's no accident

And they say,
"That it's only good for you,
It's only fools fire a warning shot,
Now open up and in."
And we say,
"We wish only good for you,
If only to know how much you're loved,
But, love tastes like glass, do you?"

Don't you know?
Track Name: Sit Back Down, Judas
I tried walking with God
They said,
"Sit back down, Judas,
You've got the wrong kind of face,
For this work.
And the rhythm of a loser."

I'm not looking to be saved
But I know
I'm not the only one losing faith

So tell me
How can I ask of you
To follow me to battle?
I can't lay my head down
Without questioning existence

You're not the only one
Don't lose faith
Everything gets better

So tell me
How can I ask of you
To follow me to battle?
I can't lay my head down
Without questioning existence
How can you love the bones
Of a world you don't believe in?
You have wars of your own
And I surrender to my feelings

But you're here with me and I'm alright
Track Name: Silent Movie House
Slow down
It's too late for resistance
The world doesn't fix
What the world doesn't know

This sound
Is wrapped up in poison
Wrapped up in poison
That won't let me go

You are my warning light
Guided by voices
Better by design
You give me strength
To speak my mind
You give me strength
To stay alive

Reverse the words
You etched on the mirror
The one that I prayed for
The one that was true

I don't resist
I can't break the habit
Keep counting my blessings
And not just make do

When the days run back
Further than forwards
Then silent I'll be